Friday, December 10, 2010

This house supports WikiLeaks - motion defeated !

Which is the more remarkable? That this blog has survived (so far...) the cyberattacks to which it has been subjectfirst from one side, then from another, as poll leadership has swayed back and forthor that after three rounds of heated debate, public opinion has let everyone down, failed to make up its mind, and split itself straight down the middle?

Though such inconclusiveness may seem appropriate, reflecting the forceful arguments called upon by each side, it is nonetheless disappointing. One would have preferred to hear the brave cry of conviction ringing out and announcing itself to the world. Instead, public opinion has decided to sit itself meekly on the fence, sucking its thumb instead of raising or lowering it, giving outright victory to neither side, leaving both frustrated and embittered! Unsatisfactory though this may be, a result by default will have to be declared. So let it be hereby entered into the official log and cabled off to the relevant authorities—if, that is, it hasn't filtered out already: "Ayes" to my right, 14; "Nays" to my left, 14. The motion is defeated.

NB If anyone wishes to challenge this ruling of a tie as a defeat for the motion, they are invited to present their arguments! I believe however that I have followed accepted Parliamentary procedure, such as it is outlined e.g. here.

[Report card to follow shortly.]

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